In divorce some parties need to move out of state in order to start a new life or obtain employment. There are a whole host of reasons. But when the relocation involves children, people often become very unreasonable. In many cases relocation has to happen. What do you think?

3 Responses to “Relocation”

  1. sally alimony Says:

    I am a divorce single mom with one child in college I got divorced in 1992 prior to the educational support order. My daughter’s college expense for my out of pocket is close to $18,000 a year. Is there any way I can compel my ex to contribute to her college expense or can I obtain an order from the court?

    Desparate in Derby

  2. single parent in CT Says:

    I think it depends on whether or not you really need to move or you are just using your children to get back at your ex. Divorce is really traumatic on children. They experience so many changes when parents spilt. I don’t think it’s fair to inflict more change on them unless it’s really necessary.

    • sally alimony Says:

      I agree but with the way this ecomony is, some parents need to seek employment opportunties out of state to survive. They don’t want to have to choose between their children and their employment especially when the ultimate goal is to make a new and better life for their children. Sometimes we need to make hard choices that in the long run benefit our children..

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